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2K Riding Center Program Rates


A la carte services options for you to choose from.

Three options to suit your abilities and your budget!


This is for the vaulting enthusiast who would like an additional fitness class to develop core strength and cardio.

Fitness &


Incorporate Journals and Journal Coaching to Accelerate Your Progress!

Journal Coaching

Weekly Programs

Scheduled week to week

Individual lessons: scheduled week to week.

UP TO 4 riders per lesson
  • Riders must be able to walk and trot on their own to be in a group lesson.



Group only; private upon request and will incur additional costs


Open rides are available to riders in the lesson program. Once approved, students may schedule an open rider/ practice hack when available. Riders must be able to tack up on their own, walk and trot and canter on their own and cool off the horse, as well as, clean tack.



Join us every Friday evening, 6:30pm-8pm. We’ll host a ground lesson or all of our students. Outside riders are welcome as well! The session is 1-2 hours long, depending on the topic. We cover topics ranging from nutrition to fitness, to first aid, to lunging, to detailed grooming, to watching educational videos, to barn management, and more.


Our horsemanship class is just an intro into Pony Club. Learn all about horses with this organization and since we are a Pony Club Riding Center, you don't have to own a horse to join the club. 


You bring the cake, we bring the ponies. We hold birthday parties and other parties / events using our horses and your party favors. Rates range from $25/person for up to 10  guests. Let us know how we can help you enjoy your big day.


Monthly Programs

Paid at the first of the month

All lessons must be taken within the month purchased

LEVEL 1: $250
This is designed for riders taking weekly lessons. 

  • This package is designed for all levels of riders enrolled in weekly lessons. Level 1 lessons will be private and semi-private

  • 4 lessons per month

  • 1 horsemanship lesson –At a discounted price of $25 per lesson (Regular horsemanship rate is $35 per session)

LEVEL 2: $497
This option is for those interested in local showing or advancing their skillset

  • Students learn to address basic challenges, horsemanship skills, and show circuit grooming standards.​

  • Lessons are private, semi-private, or group.​

  • 4 lessons (1 lesson per week)​

  • 2 open rides

  • 1 horsemanship lesson​

  • Lesson horses available at a daily lease fee rate during on-site clinics and local shows ​​

  • Journal Coaching with each lesson and a trainer's note on the weekly page.

This package is for those who may want to own or lease a horse to compete at rated level or local shows.

  • Riders in this program are pushed to competitive standards

  • Challenged to acquire tactful riding skills

  • Learn how to ride at an advanced level​

  • Teach you how to school horses on and off the grounds​

  • 4-6 lessons per month (multiple lessons a week)​

  • 2 open rides per week​

  • 1 horsemanship lesson ​

  • Journal Coaching with each lesson, trainer's note on the weekly page, and 4 journals a year.


Lease horses: Belle, Dynamite, Reese, Roxie, Charity, Scout (advanced rider only and must be a full lease and enrolled in two lessons per week)

This is for the vaulting enthusiast who would like an additional fitness class to develop core strength and cardio.
  • Weekly vaulting and fitness classes

  • Journal Coaching with each lesson and a trainer's note on the weekly page.

Equestrian Journal Logo.white.Thinking R

Accelerator Add-on

Incorporate Journals and Journal Coaching to

Accelerate Your Progress!

Why Journal?

According to the American Psychological Association, a regular habit of writing helps reduce intrusive mental blocks and improve working memory, allowing you to use all of your brainpower to better comprehend critical elements of information. Add the advantage of reading earlier reflections and subtle themes can develop into powerful insights.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, keeping a journal specifically about your horse allows you to track habits you wish to cultivate, behavior patterns, techniques that work, and your improvement over time.

Promo Flyer-01.jpg
Even in a rush,

you can write a few lines of information that will help you in the future. Find the journaling routine that works for you and I promise you that your horse will thank you for paying attention.


The Equestrian Journal offers several methods for organizing your thoughts and details about your horse in Paperbound, Spiral Bound, and Leather Discbound options:

  • Classic Pages Monthly, Weekly, and Daily

  • Alternative Pages:

    • Student

    • Competition

    • Weekly Evaluation

    • Lesson/ Clinic

  • Combination Journal

  • Professional Journal

Journals available for Purchase at 2k Stables

It's Time to Get Fit!

Rider Fitness and Energy:

These workshops are designed to improve stamina, balance, core strength, suppleness, symmetry, and posture.

To do this, we use medicine balls, jump ropes, balance boards, fit ladders, stability balls, and exercise bands.

The emphasis is on creating exercises that look and feel like riding while incorporating tools to keep us motivated to move.

Get Fit

Open Ride Night

Join Us on Wednesday & Friday Nights


Open rides allow riders enrolled in the lesson program to have additional rides on lesson horses outside of a lesson. 

  • One lesson per week required to participate

$15 Haul-In Fee

to bring your own horse
$20 to rent

a 2K Lesson Horse

  • 24 hours Notice Required to Reserve a Horse

  • Riders will need to allow time for cleaning tack and putting the horse on the theraplate after the ride. Inquire for more details.

Open Ride Night
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